Vedic Sciences are mankind’s greatest gifts. Principal Sciences include Yoga, Ayurveda, Homa, Vastu, Jyotisha, Vedanta, Natya & Sangeet Shastra, Goshala; and cover all aspects of Life.

To Live completely, beautifully, divinely and to express our innate virtues and talents, Attention on 6 areas helps: 1.SADHANA 2.WORK 3.SLEEP 4.DIET 5.HOBBY and 6.SATSANG
SiX FaCTORS - active effort
Our Story
Guruji visited Punjab for the first time in 1986. He went from Delhi to Patiala to Khanna to Ludhiana to Jalandhar, where he took the Basic Course at Arya Samaj Mandir, and stayed at Model Town Gurudwara.

One by one the devotees began to flock to him, Lalit Mohan and Kulwant from Ludhiana were amongst the earliest. Banka took his darshan in Rishikesh in 1996.

Gurudev stressed on Acceptance, Belongingness, friendliness, sharing and Caring. He introduced us to Yoga and Meditation. He focused on being Vegetarian, with natural healing using Ayurveda, Marma, Pancakarma. Desi cows were dear to him, and Sanskrit Chants enlivened the atmosphere wherever he went.

Any Background

Our work embraces people from all cultures and races, irrespective of gender or economic status.

Pure Organic

Our diet focusses on freshly prepared vegetarian meals, sourced organically and wholesome.

Natural Care

Our techniques are ancient yet aligned to the modern lifestyle, safe, natural and caring.