Mandukya Upanishad: Essence and Sanskrit Grammar


Contains a lucid commentary for the Mandukya Upanishad, along with original verses in Sanskrit and a Latin transliteration and Sanskrit Grammar with padachheda and anvaya with case-vibhakti of each word given clearly.

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Those verses in the Veda that amplify the greatness of man, his soul’s journey, and his ultimate purpose are
termed as Upanishad. Upanishad means essential guiding principle. It is a shrugging off of conflict, frustration, fear, & turmoil. Upanishad means being in sync with Time and Ambience, and Understanding each other’s Viewpoint.

This edition gives a crisp, tight rendering of original thought using words that are relevant and correctly understood in the modern times. It develops the concept of Brahman, a loving compassionate fluid that permeates all beings and the entire Creation. Only the inward senses can glimpse it, only a brave seeker can attempt the discovery. 4. Mandukya
Upanishads are masterly texts, meant for a sincere and serious aspirant. Basic qualifications include a command over language and neatness in attire. Prerequisites most needed to imbibe the knowledge are:

  • Respectfulness
  • Readiness to serve with cheerfulness
  • Discipline for a year with frugal lifestyle
  • Truthfulness and candor in communication

Excerpt from Mandukya Upanishad Verse 1.1.1

ओमित्येतदक्षरमिदं सर्वं तस्योपव्याख्यानं भूतं भवद्भविष्यदिति सर्वमोङ्कार एव । यच्चान्यत्त्रिकालातीतं तदप्योङ्कार एव ॥ १
omityetadakṣaramidaṃ sarvaṃ tasyopavyākhyānaṃ bhūtaṃ bhavadbhaviṣyaditi sarvamoṅkāra eva । yaccānyattrikālātītaṃ tadapyoṅkāra eva ॥ 1
ओम् इति एतत् अ–क्षरम् इदं सर्वं तस्य उप-व्याख्यानं भूतं भवत् भविष्यत् इति सर्वम् ओङ्कारः एव । यत् च अन्यत् त्रिकाल–अतीतं तत् अपि ओङ्कारः एव ॥
0 इति0 एतत् n1/1 अक्षरम् n2/1 इदं n2/1 सर्वं n2/1 ; Om. Full stop. This imperishable it all (is);
तस्य n6/1  उपव्याख्यानं n1/1,  भूतं PPP क्त n1/1 भवत् PrPA शतृ n1/1 भविष्यत् FPA शतृ n1/1 इति 0  सर्वम् n1/1  ॐकारः m1/1  एव 0  ।
यत् n1/10  अन्यत् 0  त्रिकालातीतं n1/1, तत् n1/1 अपि 0 ॐकारः m1/1  एव 0  ॥
इति = Full stop. तस्य = of it. उपव्याख्यानं = relative description. भूतं भवत् भविष्यत् = the Past Present Future.
इति सर्वम्  ॐकारः एव =this all Om Sound alone (is).
अन्यत् 0 = Moreover (adverb). / अन्यत् n1/1 Other than (adjective). त्रिकालातीतं = beyond the concept of time. That which does not belong to a time domain.

1 This world is a light and sound show. All of it here is just name and form. Each movie, app or game is two dimensional – audio and video.
Light can easily be shut by dropping the eyelids or covered by an eye-scarf. It is sound that has a bigger dimension that can’t be just warded off.
Close your eyes and listen. Be still and let the waves speak. Become aware of the breeze whispering. Hark and hear the heartbeat, know it is a pulse.
This creation pulsates day and night. As the stars twinkle the biggest heroes get known by their one-liners and administrators by their quotable quotes.

Know this is all Om. Know it all as Aum. When a baby is born Om is heard and when bells peal they chorus Aum. Ever since the bow of Space strung the arrow of Time, Om reverberated.
Om is manifest yet unmanifest too. Aum is the seed and the sprout and also the space and the sunshine.
Aum has been chanted in homes and workplaces. Om is the octave and Aum is the harmonic. Om is and will be.
The Mandukya Upanishad is attributed to the Atharva Veda. It gives a mathematical picture of the sacred syllable OM and its relevance to the Awaking, Udreaming and Mmmsleeping states. The Turiya or Transcendental state is described as the amatra or the fourth state, i.e. always available yet rarely discernible.

It includes Sanskrit Grammar with padachheda and anvaya with case-vibhakti of each word, and a Latin transliteration of each verse.

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English, 5x8inch, 64pp, Paperback, Black/White Interior, US Edition


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