Mundaka Upanishad: Essence and Sanskrit Grammar


Contains a lucid commentary for the Mundaka Upanishad, along with original verses in Sanskrit and a Latin transliteration and Sanskrit Grammar with padachheda and anvaya with case-vibhakti of many verses are given clearly.

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Those verses in the Veda that amplify the greatness of man, his soul’s journey, and his ultimate purpose are
termed as Upanishad. Upanishad means essential guiding principle. It is a shrugging off of conflict, frustration, fear, & turmoil. Upanishad means being in sync with Time and Ambience, and Understanding each other’s Viewpoint.

This edition gives a crisp, tight rendering of original thought using words that are relevant and correctly understood in the modern times. It develops the concept of Brahman, a loving compassionate fluid that permeates all beings and the entire Creation. Only the inward senses can glimpse it, only a brave seeker can attempt the discovery. 5. Mundaka
Upanishads are masterly texts, meant for a sincere and serious aspirant. Basic qualifications include a command over language and neatness in attire. Prerequisites most needed to imbibe the knowledge are:

  • Respectfulness
  • Readiness to serve with cheerfulness
  • Discipline for a year with frugal lifestyle
  • Truthfulness and candor in communication

Excerpt from Mundaka Upanishad Verse 2.2.10

न तत्र सूर्यो भाति न चन्द्रतारकं नेमा विद्युतो भान्ति कुतोऽयमग्निः ।
तमेव भान्तमनुभाति सर्वं तस्य भासा सर्वमिदं विभाति ॥ २.२.१०

na tatra sūryo bhāti na candratārakaṃ nemā vidyuto bhānti kuto’yamagniḥ ।
tameva bhāntamanubhāti sarvaṃ tasya bhāsā sarvamidaṃ vibhāti ॥ 2.2.10

न तत्र सूर्यः भाति न चन्द्रतारकं न इमाः विद्युतः भान्ति कुतः अयम् अग्निः ।
तम् एव भान्तम् अनुभाति सर्वं तस्य भासा सर्वम् इदं विभाति ॥

तत्र 0 there सूर्यः m1/1 sunlight न 0 not भाति iii/1 illumines , न 0 not चन्द्रतारकं n1/1 moonlight or starlight,
इमाः f1/3 these विद्युतः f1/3 lightning flashes न 0 do not भान्ति iii/3 लट्  reveal,
कुतः 0 how then अयम् m1/1 this अग्निः m1/1 flame ।
तम् m2/1 that एव 0 alone भान्तम् PrPA n1/1 शतृ is shining,
भासा f3/1 by its light सर्वं n1/1 all इदं n1/1 this अनुभाति iii/1 लट्  reflects, सर्वम् n1/1 all तस्य n6/1 of this विभाति iii/1 लट् illumines

2.2.10 There no sensory light reaches, that is fathomless, silent and still. There is no distinction there, no features of any sort even when examined under the blazing sun or the cool moonlight or even the farthest star. Purity is a seamless whole, that the light of intellect does not grasp, nor does lightening illumine. Then how could our small candle flames or fancy torches or puny ego reach there?

By Brahman is the functioning of men and machines,
By it is governed the tempest and the breeze.
All is made brilliant by its kindly light, all of us touch glory under its shade.
Any victory or fame is due to its grace.
Any win is its will.
All powerhouses are powered by it, Man becomes a king or saint due to its kindness.
Mundaka Upanishad is from the Gopatha-Brahmana of the Atharva Veda. Whereas its Samhita portion survives in two recensions, after sages Paippalada and Shaunaka, the Brahmana portion available today is only of sage Gopatha. It gets its name from “a head shaved of all heavy botheration”. By the sincere study of this Upanishad, one’s mind resolves all troubles, difficulties seem trifles. It quenches the thirst of the sincere seeker and in beautiful verse satiates the heart of the ardent aspirant.
It includes Sanskrit Grammar with padachheda and anvaya with case-vibhakti of each word, and a Latin transliteration of each verse.

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